a new kind of crowd fundraising platform

After three years and more than 47,000 man hours, our team has finally completed our long-awaited online crowdfunding application.  With tests after tests from our software engineers to our real-life customers, the system is proven to work as designed. What makes this one-of-a-kind online fundraising platform unique is that it combines online cash donation, similar to Gofundme, with online auction, similar to eBay, to give the fundraisers and the donors more opportunity to meet the fundraising target.   Here are a few advantages that FundRaisingSoft has over all of the others:

1. Donation is no longer just cash but donors now can donate item(s) to auction off for the good cause.
2. The fundraiser now has the ability to receive donations outside of his circle of friends and family because of the online auctions attracting people to the items, even if they aren’t as passionate about the cause.
3. The system has the option for the donor to share a portion of the sales based on the mutual benefit agreement between the donor and the beneficiary.  

Talk about a motivated donor and a win-win strategy! To see what this system can do for your business or organization,  contact us for a live demo.